Billionaire Jia Yueting told CNBC: Apple is outdated

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Billionaire Jia Yueting told CNBC: Apple is outdated

Apple is outdated and losing momentum in China, 43 year old billionaire Jia Yueting told CNBC in his first international television interview.

“In China, Apple has begun to lose its rapid sales growth momentum . One of the most important reasons is that Apple’s innovation has become extremely slow. For example: A month ago Apple has launched iPhone SE. From industry insiders perspective, this is a product with a very low level of technology. They launched it in order to grow their customer base, to increase their profit margin.” said Jia Yueting.

“Apple is a mobile phone company focused on hardware and software”, Jia Yueting said at the 2016 China Green Companies Summit in Jinan. “LeEco” is focused on the internet first, and only then on software, and finally on hardware. We believe the next generation of mobile internet will be more open, more ecosystem oriented instead of being a closed loop.”

“The future of innovation will be driven by smashing boundaries. In the next ten years, China’s best internet companies will create disruption on a global scale.” – Jia Yueting, Founder and CEO, LeEco

43 year old billionaire Jia Yuting has also invested in electric car startup Faraday Future

His goal is to introduce products that will outshine those from Tesla, Apple and Xiaomi.

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